USA Football

1 8:30:00 AM Raiders - Pachicano Longhorns - Rucker A 1st/2nd Grade Division
2 8:35:00 AM Cowboys - Leuty Oilers - Brooks B 3rd/4th Grade Division II

3 9:30:00 AM Broncos - Carson Tigers - Russell A 5th/6th Grade Division II
4 9:35:00 AM Raiders - Vera Predators - Franklin B 3rd/4th Grade Division II

5 10:30:00 AM Honey Badgers - Portillo Vikings - Pfaffe A 3rd/4th Grade Division I
6 10:35:00 AM OSU - Gold Winner of game 2 B 3rd/4th Grade Division II

7 11:30:00 AM Packers - Jagodzinski Winner of Game 3 A 5th/6th Grade Division II
8 11:35:00 AM Longhorns - Martinez Saints - Blair B 5th/6th grade Division I


9 1:00:00 PM Tigers - Russell Winner of Game 5 A 3rd/4th Grade Division I
10 1:05:00 PM Oilers - Brooks Predators - Franklin B 5th/6th grade Division II

11 2:00:00 PM Massillon - Eberwine Texans - Yost A 5th/6th Grade Division I
12 2:05:00 PM Spartans - Wood Winner of Game 7 B 5th/6th Grade Division II

13 3:00:00 PM Timberwolves - Mentel Falcons - Rogers A 3rd/4th Grade Division I
14 3:05:00 PM Vipers - Sharp Winner of Game 10 B 5th/6th Grade Division II

15 4:00:00 PM Falcons - Rogers Winner of Game 11 A 5th/6th Grade Division I
16 4:05:00 PM Passio - Petersen Winner of Game 8 B 5th/6th Grade Division I
Posted Apr 17, 2018


1st FREE Mini Camp is August 18th

Late Registration BEGINS August 26th

Rosters Released to Coaches August 28th!

Practices begin first week of Setptember

1st Games are September 22nd

Last Game of Regular Season is October 27th

Playoffs begin November 3rd

Championship Games are November 10th


Fall Registration Fee for Football grades 1st - 6thth is $165 for the season! 

Registration fee includes Game Jersey, Helmet Decals, Flags, playoff tournament for the players as well as field usage, insurance, referees, field equipment, and scholarships to help those in need.  Board Members, Field Directors, and Coaches are ALL 100% Volunteers.  Extreme Flag Football is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all proceeds go towards developing the mind, body, spirit, sportsmanship and advanced footbal skills of our youth. TOGETHER we are making the game better and safer for everyone. 

Equipment Rental Fee is $75, This includes the helmet, and shoulder pads.

We do require an additional security deposit of $85 in the form of check, or cash.  This is to be given at the time you rent the equipment.  It may not be paid online with your Registration, and Equipment Rental fees.  The security deposit will be stapled to your rental form, and filed away for the season!  IF you do not return the equipment, then we keep your security deposit. 

Please note that the security deposit is NOT the same as the rental fee. Renting the equipment from us is optional.  If you do buy your own, that is fine, however we will need to have it checked for our insurance purposes. You will be directed at the camps on where to go to have this done.  Once your child is approved they will be able to participate!  

If you decide after you have registered that you would like to rent equipment, it is not a problem!  You may add this on at the upcoming camps with no additional fees!  There will be someone at the camp directing you where to go!


*ALL Payments must be made to be assigned to a team.  If you are in need of a partial scholarship, please email and request an application.

**LATE REGISTRATION BEGINS August 26th!  An additional $25 fee will be required for uniform rush fees. 

If you have any questions regarding registration and rental fees, please contact us at 512-680-3689.